Tips to Win Casino Jackpot Games

Jackpot games are the most tempting and thrilling casino games of all time. As the name suggests, they come with an exciting feature- a fixed and/or progressive jackpot which can greatly boost a player’s bankroll. Naturally, over the years people have devised many methods in order to win these jackpots. Some have worked more or less; others have proven to be a pure scam. As people who have a wide experience in the casino industry, we are well aware of the useless winning methods, therefore, we have come up with several useful tips that can indeed help you win casino jackpots. Read on to learn more.

Set a Bankroll

Always play with the money you are comfortable loosing. In addition, stay smart with your money and bet responsibly. Before you start playing you should know what your plan is, how much you can effort to lose and how much you plan to bet on a spin or a hand. Set spending limits in advance and have the self-control to stick to them.

Choose the Right Type of Jackpot Game

Jackpot games differ in the type of jackpot they offer as well as the base game payouts. In addition, some have a higher Return to Player percentage than others. Therefore, it’s best to choose a jackpot game according to your budget and the one that has a lower house edge and a higher RTP. Take a look at the paytables of the jackpot games as well. Compare them in order to determine which ones are more generous and profitable.

If You Play Jackpot Slots, Bet the Maximum

As a rule of a thumb, always bet the maximum when you are playing progressive jackpot slots. In addition, if you play a progressive table game or a video poker variant, make sure you place the progressive side bet. Quite often this makes you eligible for the Big One and you have greater chances of winning it. However, betting the maximum doesn’t mean spending your entire bankroll on a spin. Instead, chose a jackpot game suitable for your budget.

Stop When You Are Ahead

Casinos don’t want you to quit when you are on a winning streak. In fact, they welcome winners because they know that a player cannot ride a winning streak forever. Therefore, quitting a game when you are ahead is winning. Don’t get greedy in the hope to win more. Sure, if you’re lucky you can win a lot of money, but you will eventually start losing, so it’s best to quit when you reach a certain win amount. Only this way your gaming session will be profitable.

Avoid Systems

There is no shortage of casino players that claim they know and have tested a method or a system for beating the casino. The truth is that there are certain betting systems or playing strategies that can help you get a higher chance of winning, but none has so far guaranteed a success. There is no perfect method that can defeat the odds that are weighted in favour of the casino. Gambling is mainly based on luck and you have no control over this factor.


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